Our HistoryDavid Wright

The original families that settled in Casey County were led by pioneer and war hero Colonel William Casey in 1779-1780.  Many of the pioneers that accompanied Casey were soldiers and were veterans of the Revolutionary War.  The party followed the now well known path known as the Wilderness Trace that was cleared by Daniel Boone in 1769.

Casey and his men initially settled at Logan’s Station in Buffalo Springs near present day Stanford.  In 1791, with a small company of around 30 fellow soldiers, Casey began following the Green River in order to establish additional stations south of Buffalo Springs.

The area that would become Liberty, situated at the headwaters of Green River, was a fertile land with rolling green hills that made way for dense forests that rose high out of the earth on flat topped ridges.  Settling this paradise wouldn’t come easy. 50 miles from any white settlement in a remote wilderness, Casey, and the families that lumped their fortunes with his, maintained themselves courageously against the many hardships they faced.

Ultimately, the pioneers succeeded in their quest.  Liberty was officially established in 1806 and was named by the founding veterans with patriotic sentiment.  In 1807, Casey County was formed from the western part of Lincoln County and named for Colonel William Casey, who led them to victory. In 1808, Liberty became the county seat.

City Hall

Our Future

Liberty continues to grow and it is as much sought after today as it was in Colonel William Casey’s time.  It’s ease of access, affordable and abundant real estate, and lower cost of living still attracts citizens from all over the world.  Our unique blend of beautiful rolling countrysides, wooded acreage and active wildlife lend to unforgettable scenery, all of which is just a short drive away from more metropolitan areas.

South central Kentucky offers countless unique travel experiences that are just waiting to be discovered!  Liberty is a wonderful place to spend some time outdoors and is within easy driving distance to many popular attractions in the state.  We look forward to welcoming you to Liberty!