barrel racing

Barrel Racing

The International Barrel Racing Association (IBRA) hosts several events at the Central KY Ag & Expo Center throughout the year, kicking off with the spring meet.  Barrel racing is a type of rodeo event that showcases the athletic ability of the horse as well as the horsemanship of the rider as both maneuver around barrels in tight turns.  Follow the Central KY Ag & Expo event calendar or Facebook for more information about future events.

Bird Migration & Bird Watching

Casey County is a real treat for bird watching enthusiasts all year round.  Due to the unique topography and geology of the region, several different parts of the county are home to many different native species of birds.  It is not uncommon for one family’s yard to regularly host over 30 species of native birds.  Even at night, bird enthusiasts will enjoy hearing barred owls laughing in the trees and whippoorwills singing up into the early morning hours.  Photo Credit: Phillip Murphy

In the spring, we get a lot of special visitors including rose breasted grosbeaks, orioles, and indigo buntings, just to name a few. Check out the Casey County Bird Watch Sightings by species.

Dry Land Fishing

Dry Land Fishing

Dry land fishing is a popular tradition for many families in Casey County.  Dry land fish aren’t fish at all; they are a species of edible mushrooms called morchella that grows from April to mid-May.  Enthusiasts look forward to dry land fishing all year for the joy of the hunt and for the excellent taste.  Morels are highly prized by gourmet cooks, especially those in French cuisine.  Dry land fish are later sliced, breaded, and fried and resemble fish in the frying pan.

Safety First:  Always ask permission to hunt for dry land fish on private property.  Inexperienced hunters should travel with more experienced hunters as there are several safety concerns that need to be considered when harvesting morels.

Ridgetop Greenhouses

Greenhouses Open

The South Fork area is home to several different popular greenhouses that are full of quality produce, flowers, and landscaping supplies.  People come in from all over the state to marvel at the beauty of the flowers in the spring after a cold winter.  A word of caution, after one visit to one of our local greenhouses, you’ll never want to go to another large retailer for plants again.  Photo Credit: Ridgetop Greenhouses

Homestead Gardens Greenhouse
3765 South Fork Ridge Rd.
Liberty, KY 42539
Phone: 606-787-2622

Lavern’s Country Market
52 South Fork Creek Rd.
Liberty, KY 42539
Phone: 606-787-9845

Pennington Farm & Garden
2212 Canoe Creek Road
Liberty, KY 42539
Phone: 606-706-5314

Ridgetop Greenhouses
803 Thomas Ridge Spur Rd.
Dunnville, KY 42528
Phone: 606-787-8480

Spring Fling2

Spring Fling

Spring Fling is an annual craft and vendor show that features goods and services from local artists and businesses.  This event was started in 2012 and it is getting bigger every year!  The Spring Fling is usually scheduled around Easter and there are activities for children, including getting pictures made with the Easter bunny!

This event is held in the Pork Producer’s Building at the Casey County Ag Center.  Follow the Spring Fling Facebook page for more details and future dates!  Vendors, the booths are selling out quicker every year, so if you would like to reserve your spot for next year, send the administrators a message on Facebook.

Spring Auction Liberty KY

Spring Consignment Auction

The Spring Consignment Auction is located at the same site where the Casey County Produce Auction is held.  The Spring Consignment sale occurs every second Saturday in March.  Many local residents in the South Fork area, including Mennonite and Amish families, come to sell their wares and handmade goods.  Items that can be found at this auction include livestock, poultry, farming equipment, household items, and horse tack.  Photo Credit: Cundiff Creative

525 South Fork Creek Rd.
Liberty, KY 42539
Phone: 6060-787-5158 or 606-787-0570


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