Local Grant Applications

Event/Advertising Grant

Liberty Tourism budgets a maximum amount of $20,000 per fiscal year to be considered for mini local grants. Please read the considerations, requirements, and follow-up reporting requirements before applying. The information on this page can also be found on the Grant Application. Please print the application and fill out to apply as per each deadline. If you prefer to fill out online, please email Contact@ExploreLibertyKY.com to request an editable Google Doc version.


The Liberty Tourism and Convention Commission makes grants available to new and existing programs, not-for-profit events, projects, and/or attractions that enhance the promotion and development of tourism for Liberty, Casey County.

Applications must be made in keeping with the Commission’s Mission statement:

The mission of the Liberty Tourism and Convention Commission is to promote and support tourism development; thereby creating positive economic impact and an enriched quality of life for the citizens of Liberty, Kentucky.

In order to ensure the equitable distribution of available funding, the Commission anticipates awards to be typically $_________.  However, the Commission reserves the right to adjust the award amount.  Without exception, successful project applicants must agree to have their project completed by the end of the fiscal year that the event was held in, and must agree to the terms and conditions of the contract.

Please note:  All proposals must be submitted to the Liberty Tourism and Convention Commission according to the submission deadlines as outlined below:

  • For events held Jan 1 to March 31st, your application must be submitted no later than 5pm, December 1st.
  • For events held April 1 to June 30th, your application must be submitted no later than 5pm, March 31st.
  • For events held July 1 to Sept 30th, your application must be submitted no later than 5pm on June 30th.
  • For events held Oct 1 to Dec 31st, your application must be submitted no later than 5pm on Sept 1st.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. The program, project or event must be located in Liberty, Casey County.
  2. Grant funds must be used to promote and develop tourism economic impact for the local community.

Grant Guidelines

  1. All proposals must be submitted in writing to the Liberty Tourism and Convention Commission as noted above.
  2. All awards are subject to the discretion of the Commission.
  3. The Commission will contact individual organizations with questions or to schedule a date and time for the applicant to make a presentation to the commission.
  4. The Commission has the option to respond to the request as a grant, sponsorship and/ or a loan and may require a match by the recipient.
  5. Grants and/or grant amounts awarded for this fiscal year are not guaranteed for approval in the next fiscal year.  A new application will be required for each disbursement.
  6. Funded grants must be completed by 12/31 yearly.
  7. The disbursement of funds will occur after a signed copy of the contract has been received and a request for funds received.  The signatory should be the applicant’s executive director or project manager.
  8. Recipients must agree to place the Liberty Tourism and Convention Commission logo on ALL associated printed/promotional materials unless otherwise noted.
  9. Grant forms that are not completed in their entirety will not be considered by the grant committee or be brought before the Liberty Tourism and Convention Commission Board.
  10. The Commission requests that labor, advertising, promotional items, etc. be purchased locally when available. 

Must complete Liberty Tourism and Convention Commission Follow-Up Grant Form (Form is provided once grant is awarded.)

  • Form includes:
  • Financial statements reflecting actual cost of this fiscal year’s event/project/program.
  • Attendance numbers and/or participants for events – including local & non-local breakdown.  Attendance numbers and/or participants including breakdown by day or sub-event.
  • Any other research on your event/project requested by the Liberty Tourism and Convention Commission.
  • A copy of promotional materials indicating the Liberty Tourism and Convention logo must be submitted.

Liberty Mural Art Program Grant

Liberty Tourism Grant Funding Requirements: 

  • Must have a business or property in Liberty City Limits that is visible & appealing to visitors. 
  • Only commercial properties are eligible.  
  • Design and location must appeal to Tourists visiting Liberty. 

Funding Determination: 

  • Based on criteria, your grant application may qualify you 100% grant funds, 80/20 match, 50/50, or 25/75 matching funds from Liberty Tourism. 
  • This determination will be based on the appeal to tourism, mural location, overall design, artist qualifications, and overall completeness of the application. 
  • The Grant amount is not to exceed $3,500. Total grant funds available will be limited to $10,000 per fiscal year.  
  • Completed applications must be submitted to and approved by the Liberty Tourism & Convention Commission Board prior to work beginning. Grants are not awarded for work done prior to approval.  

Grant Reimbursement:

  • Work must be completed within 180 days of grant determination and acceptance.
  • Once the project is completed, grantees must submit paid receipts for reimbursement. Liberty Tourism will verify that the work was done according to the approved application before reimbursing funds. Reimbursements will be made within 14 days of the submission of approved receipts. 

Criteria for Approval of Wall Murals 

The mural should be a professionally designed, original work of exceptional quality with consideration of the following criteria:  

  • Work that is of enduring value
  • Visual imagery enhances the aesthetic experience within the City and the character and nature of the site.  
  • Visual imagery that is appropriate for ALL audiences (no campaigning, partisan politics, sexual imagery or references, drug references/imagery, religious content, commercial content, logos, or advertisement specific to a particular business.
  • Artwork that is appropriately designed for all viewpoints to the mural (by pedestrians, from moving vehicles, seated audiences, etc.).  
  • Artwork that is appropriately sited for directional exposure to minimize fading of colors.  Suitability of the wall surface to receive all materials that are to be used to execute the mural including the wall preparation material.  
  • Work that is appropriate in scale to the building and to the site.