Our History

In 1779-1780, Colonel William Casey led a group of settlers to establish Casey County. Casey was a war hero and many of the pioneers who accompanied him were soldiers and veterans of the Revolutionary War. They followed the path known as Wilderness Trace, which was cleared by Daniel Boone in 1769.

In the beginning, Casey and his men settled at Logan’s Station in Buffalo Springs, which is located near present-day Stanford. In 1791, Casey, along with a small company of approximately 30 soldiers, followed the Green River to establish more stations south of Buffalo Springs.

David Wright

The region that is currently recognized as Liberty, located at the source of Green River, was a rich land with undulating green hills. These hills gave way to thick forests that rose high above the ground on flat-topped ridges. However, settling in this paradise was not an easy feat. Casey and his followers pooled their resources to sustain themselves in the remote wilderness, which was 50 miles away from any white settlement.

The pioneers were finally able to achieve their goal and establish Liberty officially in 1806. The founding veterans named it with patriotic sentiment. The western part of Lincoln County was separated to form Casey County in 1807, named after Colonel William Casey, who led the pioneers to victory. Liberty became the county seat in 1808.

Our Future

City Hall

Please find below the revised text:Liberty’s popularity continues to soar, just as it did during Colonel William Casey’s time. The town’s affordable real estate, easy accessibility, and low cost of living draw people from all over the world. The area’s unique blend of rolling countryside, wooded acreage, and active wildlife make for breathtaking scenery, which is easily accessible from more metropolitan areas.

Southcentral Kentucky has a lot of distinctive travel experiences that are waiting to be explored. Liberty is a great place to enjoy the outdoors and is conveniently located near many popular attractions in the state. We are excited to welcome you to Liberty and hope you have a wonderful time here!