Local Grant Applications

Event/Advertising Grant

Liberty Tourism budgets a maximum amount of $20,000 per fiscal year to be considered for mini-local grants. Please read the considerations, requirements, and follow-up reporting requirements before applying. The information on this page can also be found on the Grant Application. Please print the application and fill out to apply as per each deadline. If you prefer to fill out online, please email Contact@ExploreLibertyKY.com to request an editable Google Doc version.


The Liberty Tourism and Convention Commission makes grants available to new and existing programs, not-for-profit events, projects, and/or attractions that enhance the promotion and development of tourism for Liberty, Casey County.

Read the full application for details.

Liberty Mural Art Program Grant

Liberty Tourism Grant Funding Requirements: 

  • Must have a business or property in Liberty City Limits that is visible & appealing to visitors. 
  • Only commercial properties are eligible.  
  • Design and location must appeal to Tourists visiting Liberty. 

Funding Determination: 

  • Based on criteria, your grant application may qualify you 100% grant funds, 80/20 match, 50/50, or 25/75 matching funds from Liberty Tourism. 
  • This determination will be based on the appeal to tourism, mural location, overall design, artist qualifications, and overall completeness of the application. 
  • The Grant amount is not to exceed $3,500. Total grant funds available will be limited to $10,000 per fiscal year.  
  • Completed applications must be submitted to and approved by the Liberty Tourism & Convention Commission Board prior to work beginning. Grants are not awarded for work done prior to approval.  

Read the full application for details.

Downtown Facade Grant

  • Liberty Tourism is providing a 75/25 matching grant (75 percent funds reimbursed by tourism and 25% matching funds provided by business) for eligible improvements to the exterior of a business in the Downtown area. For example, matching fund budget, see page 2. $5,000 max grant amount paid by Tourism. Complete project to be paid upfront by the business owner or landlord and reimbursed following completion. 
  • Downtown as defined by City of Liberty zoning, “town center”. Please refer to the zoning map found at City Hall, if necessary. 

Read the full application for details.

Downtown Beautification Micro-Grant

Beautification Grant – Businesses located within the downtown area can receive a 100% match grant of up to $250 for eligible beautification projects including the addition of flowers/planters/trellises, seasonal decorations, wreaths, holiday lights, and Non-advertising decorative banners. (banners must be pre-approved by LTCC to qualify for grant funds).

  • A qualifying business/storefront/facade may apply for 2 micro-grants per fiscal year, 1 per cycle/season(January-June 30th & July 1-Dec 31). Projects must be completed by the end of the cycle or the applicant must reapply. A building owner can apply for the grant or the building renter(with owner approval), but not both. ONLY one application per storefront per cycle. Complete a new application for each cycle. 

Advertising Grant

Advertising Grant – Businesses located within Casey County can apply for this full grant for tourism-related businesses up to $1,000. To include: shops that cater to guests/souvenirs, hiking/water sports recreational equipment, dog boarding, lodging/Air BNB/campgrounds, restaurants, recreation, amusement, and attractions.

  • This grant will be for advertising needs, and all designs must be approved through Liberty Tourism BEFORE printing. Any videographer/photographer must be approved before work is funded. All advertising must be able to reach visitors 50+ miles away from Liberty, KY.

Casey County Apple Festival Booth Grant

CCAF Booth Grant – Local Casey County residents can be reimbursed 50% of booth payment for your Casey County Apple Festival booth payment.

Eligible applicants MUST be a resident of Casey County, Kentucky, and must provide/present the following along with this application*: 

  • Applications can be submitted following the 2023 Casey County Apple Festival to Liberty City  Hall in person at 518 Middleburg St. Liberty or by mail to P.O. Box 1162, Liberty, KY 42539.  The deadline to submit the grant application is October 31st, 2023. Reimbursement checks will be distributed from November 1st through the 11th. Questions? Please contact Heather Cundiff at 606-706-7777.